Wednesday, July 26, 2017

JAWS Because It's Shark Week... {Freebie}

Can you tell I love Shark Week?  Fins-Up for a freebie!  A fun little poster that'll make you smile too!  Enjoy!  Click on the link below the picture.  Fin-tastic feedback on it would be most appreciated.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CHOMP!! - Shark Week Continues

Shark Week continues!  My family and I have watched several Discovery Channel shows about sharks this week.  With each show we learn a bit more about these fascinating creatures!  This new game in my Teachers Pay Teachers store is a fun way to review the four types of sentences and learn a few interesting facts about sharks.  Played like a Kaboom! Game, students play to collect game/task cards without the sharks CHOMPING on their wins.  It's half-price today! 
Thanks for swimming by today!  Come back again this week for more shark goodies.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Shark Week is one of my favorite weeks.  Sharks are incredible creatures that are often misunderstood and even in need of some protection in some cases.  Many people (including my family) love watching the specials on Discovery Channel, kind of like a TV Feeding Frenzy!  Jaws because it's Shark Week, I am offering up a little fun.  On Sunday and Monday, everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers store will be 15% off! 
Stop by to chum the waters and see what you might like! 
 Here are few Sharky items to get you started.

Shark Add 'Em Up!  Math Activity
Practice math facts while learning a bit about these magnificent creatures!
 Shark Facts Task Cards
Great activity cards for students to work on while doing shark research
 or when they are done doing research. 
A fun set of posters and bookmarks for your shark fans and Star Wars fans alike!
Shark Coloring Pages
Relax and color some fin-tastic creatures!

And for reading through this whole post, here's a little freebie you can sink you teeth into!
Shark Week Bookmark Freebie

Stop back throughout the week for more goodies. 
Let the FIN begin!!