Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Franken" Fun and Some Dollar Deals!

Happy Friday!  Halloween is quickly approaching.  My students LOVE this time of year.  Our classroom is decorated with tons of Halloween themed student works of art.  All have something to do with academics, so a "win-win" for teacher and students!  One activity my students love each year is our -Franken- "Selfies" activity.  Students create Franken Name based on their birthday date. They create/draw a selfie of themselves.  Then, they write about how they actually came to be the Franken Monster they are.  Loads of fun and lots of giggles! 
I also have a few Dollar Deals for the day.  Take a look around my TPT store to see if it's something you've got on your wishlist!
Have a "Franken Fun" kind of weekend!

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