Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving is Right Around the Corner!

Everyone is shopping this weekend for Thanksgiving goodies and looking forward to those yummy treats on the table!  The short workweek and long weekend is appreciated by teachers everywhere.  Here are a few last minute activities to use with your students if you are still looking for something.  Each one was developed to be fun, yet include an educational twist that students need.  My students do not receive much in the way of grammar before they come to me, so I use my Love Letter To My Favorite Thanksgiving Food as a fun way to incorporate prepositions and a bit of descriptive language.  Students write about a favorite food of theirs that is on their Thanksgiving table using prepositions to describe the food.  I've noticed several anchor charts on Pinterest boards about describing food, so this is definitely something that most teachers are doing anyway.  Why not let kids put thier own funny twist on it!
My students learn about narrative and descriptive writing in the beginning of the school year.  Around this time of the year they need a little refresher.  I designed my Thanksgiving Stuff Your "Selfies" as a way for them to write about how they became as STUFFED as they are!  The product includes silly names that students receive based on their birthdays.  For instance, your new name could be Ginger Custard Gobbler!  The activity requires students to think about their new Stuffed name and then write about how they came to be.  Students create and color a Stuffed "Selfie" of their new persona!  Students love this activity and the finished products look great on a bulletin board. 
I also have some fun Thanksgiving Would You Rather...? Questions that I put in a cornucopia and let students pick one out.  They think it's fun to reach into the cornucopia, think about and answer the silly prompt, then share it!


Have a GOBBLIN' GOOD Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


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